Analytical Services

Nanoscience Analytical Services (NAS) provides contract material analysis.  Our scientific staff can provide guidance with several analytical techniques and solutions.  We provide quick turnaround times at our standard billing rates.

Most work is completed within a week.  

Our services include:

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) & Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS/EDX)
    • Fast turn-around times
    • EDS elemental analysis and mapping
    • Up to 130,000x magnification
    • High depth of field
    • Specialized analysis for
      • Particle size distribution & EDS
      • Pore size distribution
      • Fiber size and orientation statistics
    • Low temperature SEM for wet samples
    • Large area, high resolution SEM micrographs (via image stitching)

      Contact us for additional imaging and elemental analysis capabilities
  • Optical Profilometry & Surface Metrology
    • Fast turn-around times
    • Non-destructive
    • 3D surface topography & surface roughness
    • Surface wear, scratch and corrosion
    • True color measurements

      Contact us for our full list of capabilities and a free consultation session

  • Nanoindentation
    • Young's Modulus
    • Hardness, including Vickers and Knoop
    • Yield Stress
    • Stress-Strain
    • Continuous Stiffness Measurements

      We offer various techniques and custom methods.  Contact us for additional information.
  • Mechanical Characterization & Tensile Testing
    • Tensile Testing
    • Lateral Force (Friction) measurements
    • Particle crushing
    • Pillar compression
    • MEMS performance
    • Micro-beam deflection

      We can customize many different types of mechanical testing experiments to suit your needs.  Contact us for details.
  • Atomic Force Microscopy
    • Nanoscale surface topography
    • Nanoscale surface roughness 

Please contact us at for more information


Contact us: 480-758-5400


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