Instruments for Forensics Analysis

Nondestructive optical microscopy is often the first stop for criminal, environmental or industrial forensics investigations. The Zeta 3D optical profiler quickly images, displays and analyzes a variety of samples in true color. Because the Zeta is a metrology tool, accurate depth measurements are acquired while imaging. 

Once samples have been analyzed by optical microscopy, higher resolution imaging can be done with a scanning electron microscope. SEM is used in forensics analysis for characterizing trace evidence materials like hair and pollen. If elemental analysis is needed, EDS can be used to identify material composition. The Phenom ProX SEM is well-suited for this application.

For GSR analysis, multiple samples using an automated imaging and analysis routine can be done with the Phenom XL SEM.

Optical Profiler
Optical Profiler

Nondestructive microscopic imaging for industrial, environmental or criminal forensics

Phenom GSR SEM
Phenom GSR SEM

Automated GSR analysis on your benchtop


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