Microfluidic Structures

Some microfluidic devices have structures within the channels. In the example shown here, the pyramidal structures are used for bacteria filtration. Distribution and uniformity of the structures can be determined to predict the effectiveness of the device. Surface edges and asperities can also be quickly measured and quantified with the Zeta 3D optical profiler for microfluidics.

Microfluidic structure analysis overview

Microfluidic structure analysis overview using Zeta 3D optical profiler

Image courtesy of IMTEK in Germany.

Zeta-20 Benchtop Profiler
Zeta-20 Benchtop Profiler

3D Optical Profiler on your benchtop

Zeta-300 Floor Model Profiler
Zeta-300 Floor Model Profiler

With vibration isolation for precise surface metrology


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