Imaging plays an integral role in the deformulation of any product. Separation and quantification of individual ingredients often requires a suite of analytical instrumentation. The Phenom ProX desktop SEM with EDS is the ideal tool for accurately measuring pharmaceutical particle morphology, sizes and distribution and determining elemental composition of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and excipients. 

SEM image of multivitamin

Desktop SEM image of multivitamin

Depending upon the scale of interest, surface roughness of pharmaceutical coatings or particles can be measured using the Zeta-20 3D optical profiler or an atomic force microscope.

Elemental Analysis for Pharmaceutical Materials

Elemental mapping of pharmaceutical product

 Elemental mapping of pharmaceutical product with EDS for Phenom SEM

A coated tablet can be cross-sectioned for analysis of the concentration and distribution of components. Elements can be determined at a point, across a line or mapped. This elemental information can be acquired using the Phenom ProX desktop SEM with EDS for pharmaceutical materials.

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