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New: Electrospinners & Sprayers

Nanoscience Instruments introduces Fluidnatek Electrospinners & Sprayers. Engineered for the stable and reproducible creation of both nanofibers and nanoparticles, Fluidnatek electrospinners and electrosprayers offer unrivaled consistency from run to run.

Bioinicia LE-50

The various Fluidnatek models are functionally identical, meaning that manufacturing recipes developed on our tabletop R&D units are guaranteed to run and produce identical results on our automated, larger volume systems. (FULL SCALABILITY FROM LAB TO FAB).

A large variety of materials can be spun or sprayed, allowing for maximum versatility and experimental flexibility. Basically, any soluble material either in water or in an organic solvent (whether in a solution or emulsion) can be used, including: Many polymers, bio- and biodegradable polymers, inorganic materials, and encapsulated active materials. Designed to comply with the sterile conditions required by the biomedical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries, Fluidnatek equipment has become the preferred electrospinning equipment worldwide.