Nano-Observer AFM Options

Expand the capabilities of the Nano-Observer atomic force microscope with these options!

ResiScope for the Nano-Observer AFM

Resistance map of RAM memory measured with Nano-Observer AFM

The ResiScope is an award-winning innovative instrument for resistance AFM imaging over 10 orders of magnitude. Combining the Nano-Observer AFM, a conductive tip, and the ResiScope, the electrical properties of a surface can be measured on the nanoscale.


Thermal Analysis Module

Thermal Analysis principles for measuring thermal properties on the nanoscale with atomic force microscopy (AFM)

Thermal analysis on a nanoscale can be achieved with the Thermal Analysis module for the Nano-Observer AFM. Using a customized support for an AFM probe, a nanoscale thermo-mechanical analysis experiment can be performed on a sample as the deflection is monitored as a function of temperature. 


Temperature Control Stage

Image processes like polymer crystallization as a function of temperature with the Temperature Control stage for the Nano-Observer AFM. Temperature can be ramped from ambient to 200 degrees C (392 degrees F). 


Liquid Tip Holder

Imaging may be done in fluids using a liquid tip holder designed for the Nano-Observer AFM. Great for biological or materials science applications.

Liquid Tip Holder for Nano-Observer AFMSchematic of liquid cell for Nano-Observer AFM 

Environmental Control Stage

Use the Environmental Control to introduce gases or control the humidity while imaging with the Nano-Observer AFM. Environmental control may also prevent contamination and improve the electrical characterization measurement stability.Environmental control with the Nano-Observer AFM