Fluidnatek LE-50

Fluidnatek LE-50

Fluidnatek LE-50 electrospinning machine combines the compact, lightweight characteristics of a benchtop lab machine and the featuring of an advance research station. 

It is intended for proof-of-concept purposes but having a tight control of the electrospinning-electrospraying process (i.e. by implementing the climate control unit for temperature and relative humidity control). Built to fit in small lab spaces, LE-50’s is designed for labs which want to go one step ahead.

Selected specs and features:

  • BI eStretching injectors for small productivity. Minimal dead volume
  • Variable positive high voltage to emitter and non-regulated negative high voltage to collector
  • Variable target distance (emitter to collector)
  • Touch screen controls
  • CE compliant (3rd party verified)
  • Safety shut-off switches in access doors
  • Efficient solvent exhaust system

Selected optional accessories:

  • Air conditioning unit: for temperature and RH control
  • HV upgrade to bipolar. Enhances the particle collection and avoids wasting material
  • Dual phase (coaxial) and triaxial ability
  • Gas-assisted electrospinning head: to provide further control of the spinning jet
  • Simultaneous spinning ability 90-180º
  • Jet visualization camera
  • Motioned collectors (drums, discs, mandrels)
  • Single axis scanning motion
  • Syringe heating


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