iMicro Indenter for Microhardness

The iMicro from Nanomechanics is designed to be the highest performing indenter with an unparalleled level of accuracy and reliability. Covering a force range up to 1 N, the iMicro overlaps with standard microhardness tests without operator bias. 

iMicro nanoindenter

The iMicro has distinct advantages over standard microhardness testers. It is fully automated with no need for image processing and removes operator bias. It is accurate and fast, taking seconds for indentations. The iMicro reproducibly provides both Young's modulus and hardness data with statistical validity.

Designed to be a turn-key system, the iMicro offers a range of tests for mechanical properties, including: 

  • Microhardness
  • High load continuous stiffness measurements
  • Hardness and elastic modulus (using Oliver and Pharr model)
  • Crack initiation and growth
  • DMA for storage and loss modulus
  • Constant strain rate and Constant loading rate
  • High speed property mapping

iMicro nanoindenter

Applications include ceramics, composites, thin films, diamond-like coatings, dielectric films, metals, polymers, semiconductors, and sapphire surfaces.


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