Micromechanical Testing Systems

The FemtoTools systems are versatile and highly accurate mechanical and electromechanical testing instruments. In contrast to traditional mechanical and indentation tests, FemtoTools systems can measure mechanical properties from any angle over a force range from a few nanoNewtons through milliNewtons. User-friendly configured testing modes include compression, tensile, fatigue, sheer, adhesion, and bending. All FemtoTools systems include these features:

  • Quantitative micromechanical and electromechanical data
  • Multi-directional measurements, including lateral and in-plane
  • Many capabilities, including but not limited to microassembly and microtensile & adhesion testing
  • Calibrated force sensing probes
  • Piezoelectric actuation for accurate positioning
  • Low-drift force measurement from 5 nN to 100 mN

Three systems are available to characterize mechanical properties at the micron and nanoscale:

Testing Station
MEMS Probestation
In Situ Mechanical Testing System

Testing Station

The FemtoTools Micromechanical Testing and Assembly Station can quickly be configured for almost any mechanical test or manipulation task. The Testing Station is appropriate for most applications, including materials science, biomaterials, and microfabrication.

Micromechanical Testing Station for multi-directional mechanical testing


The FemtoTools MEMS Probestation allows for fast and simultaneous testing of mechanical, electrical and geometrical properties. Created for the highest efficiency of MEMS development, the Probestation provides quantitative characterization of the micromanufacturing process for immediate feedback of MEMS design and manufacturing.

MEMS Probestation for mechanical, electrical and geometric testing

In Situ Mechanical Testing System

The FemtoTools In Situ SEM Nanomechanical Testing System is designed for micro and nanomechanical testing of structures in a scanning electron microscope. 

In situ Nanomechanical Tester for In SEM applications


Calibrated sensors and grippers for micromechanical testing and manipulation


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