Nanoindentation with Superior Physics

Superior cutting-edge technology for nanoindentation. The iMicro and iNano nanoindenters provide the fastest workflow with these benefits:

  • Highly accurate & repeatable nanoindentation and microhardness results in less time
  • High speed modulus and hardness mapping (1 s/indent)
  • Dynamic testing, also known as continuous stiffness measurements, for 50x more data than traditional quasi-static nanoindentation
  • Linear force control using electromagnetic actuation: Force and displacement are independent variables to maximize accuracy and precision
  • Fully automated for no operator bias: Measurement is analyzed without imaging indents
  • Single-click calibration: Uncomplicated calibration due to linear force control
  • Best price/performance in the industry

Why Nanomechanics? 

Designed by industry pioneer Warren Oliver at Nanomechanics, the iNano and iMicro nanoindentation systems allow for a wide range of tests including, but not limited to:

  • Standard Nanoindentation (ISO 14577)
  • Modulus and Hardness (Oliver and Pharr Model)
  • Storage and Loss Modulus (DMA)
  • Constant Strain Rate and Constant Loading Rate
  • Thin Film Property Measurements
  • Scratch and Adhesion Tests
Why Nanomechanics?
Why Nanomechanics?

How superior physics yield accurate and repeatable mechanical properties

iMicro Nanoindenter
iMicro Nanoindenter

High load nanoindentation and microhardness testing

iNano Nanoindenter
iNano Nanoindenter

Fast, accurate and easy to use with up to 50 mN of force

Compare Nanoindenter Models
Compare Nanoindenter Models

Compare the iMicro and iNano nanoindenters