Compare Nanoindenter Models

The iMicro and iNano nanoindenters are accessible and affordable. The highest performing nanoindenters for repeatability, accuracy and precision, the iMicro and iNano benefit from the Why Nanomechanics technology and include:

  • Dynamic measurements, also referred to as continuous stiffness measurements
  • ISO standard test method
  • Scratch testing
  • High speed property mapping available


The iMicro is designed for high load nanoindentation and bridges the gap with microhardness testing. With a high load frame stiffness, the iMicro is ideal for materials like ceramics and high modulus samples. 


The iNano nanoindenter has a force range and displacement resolution best-suited for thin films, especially films less than 100 nm. Using a flat punch tip, soft gels and polymers are also samples that benefit from the iNano nanoindenter. 


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