iMicro Nanoindenter

iMicro nanoindenter

Microhardness testing is a traditional standard for industry. Nanoindentation has become an important technique as product dimensions shrink. Capable of high load indentation, the iMicro bridges the gap between nanoindentation and microhardness testing. 

Benefiting from Why Nanomechanics features, the iMicro testing capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • High load continuous stiffness measurements
  • Hardness and elastic modulus (using Oliver and Pharr model)
  • Crack initiation and growth
  • DMA for storage and loss modulus
  • Constant strain rate and Constant loading rate
  • High speed property mapping

iMicro nanoindenter

Applications include ceramics, composites, thin films, diamond-like coatings, dielectric films, metals, polymers, semiconductors, and sapphire surfaces.


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