iNano Nanoindenter

Nanoindentation measurements provide standard mechanical properties like Young’s modulus, hardness, viscoelastic properties, fracture toughness and creep. The iNano from Nanomechanics is an accessible and easy to use nanoindenter, providing best-in-industry performance.

Designed to be a turn-key nanoindenter with Why Nanomechanics technology, the iNano benefits include: 

  • Fast, accurate and repeatable results
  • Thin film method (< 100 nm) with substrate effect correction
  • Dynamic measurements
  • High spatial resolution
  • Small footprint

iNano Nanoindenter

Minimal training is required thanks to the user-friendly interface so a dedicated operator is not required. The software can also be customized for different applications.

Applications include composites, thin films, diamond-like coatings, dielectric films, elastomers, polymers, semiconductors, and coated surfaces. 


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