Optical Profilometers

The Zeta-20 3D optical profiler system offers high performance 3D metrology and imaging for non-contact quantitative sub-micron surface analysis:

  • Surface roughness and cross sectional profiling
  • Dimensions in x, y, and z: volume measurements
  • Slope/angle

The Zeta-203D system has fast, true-color 3D imaging in less than 30 seconds with a large range, to the millimeter scale features and field of view. With patented focusing z-dot technology, imaging contrast is generated independent of the sample to provide high resolution height measurements through infinitely focused 2D images. 

Zeta 3D metrology systems have greater light throughput than confocal microscopes, interferometers or other optical profilers. Because of high light throughput and proprietary design, Zeta 3D optical profilers are inherently insensitive to vibration and sample tilt.

Zeta3D PSS metrology

Zeta 3D optical profiler image of patterned sapphire substrate (PSS)

Applying advanced and innovative 3D imaging and measuring technology, the Zeta optical profiler meets the needs of challenging surface analysis. The Zeta 3D systems are ideal for analyzing complex surfaces such as:

  • LED patterned/etched substrates
  • Photo-resist and stacked structures
  • Transparent surfaces
  • Patterned sapphire substrates (PSS) bump diameter, height and pitch analysis
  • Microfluidics transparent multi-surface profiling
  • High aspect ratio samples such as microneedles
Why Zeta
Why Zeta

Core technology of Zeta 3D systems

Zeta-20 Benchtop Profiler
Zeta-20 Benchtop Profiler

3D Optical Profiler on your benchtop

Zeta-300 Floor Model Profiler
Zeta-300 Floor Model Profiler

With vibration isolation for precise surface metrology

Compare Models
Compare Models

Compare the Zeta 20 vs Zeta 300 for your application