Why Zeta

All Zeta 30 optical profilers systems provide an infinite field of view (FOV) in 2D and include:

  • True color imaging
  • Superior light source
  • Universal stage mount 
  • Modular software interface

The Zeta 3D optical metrology platform combines three elements:

  1. Proprietary 3D true color imaging technology, known as ZDot
  2. Optical and mechanical core
  3. Proprietary software with advanced measurement and analysis capabilities


ZETA Instruments Nanoscience Instruments is proud to partner with Zeta Instruments, providing 3D Optical Profilers, driven by rapid technology progress combined with a strong focus on customer requirements.


3D Imaging Using Proprietary ZDot Focusing Technology

ZDot logo

Surfaces are reliably and accurately detected by combining an innovative optical design with a precision focusing pattern, the ZDots. The ZDot focusing technology eliminates the complicated optics, laser and raster design of confocal microscopes. The result is 3D image profiling with true color while maintaining resolution. Unlike a confocal microscope, imaging with ZDot focusing technology is not influenced by sample reflectivity or index of refraction. Even samples with low reflectivity can be imaged in true color 3D imaging.

ZDot technology also has advantages over white light interferometry (WLI) optical profilers. The Zeta optical design has high light throughput and is inherently insensitive to vibration and sample tilt.  The Zeta optical profiler is capable of measuring samples with transparent and multiple layers, low reflectivity, high roughness, large height or large reflectivity variations that are generally beyond the capability of WLI systems.

3D images are reconstructed using ZDots to focus on different focal planes as shown in the pictures below. On the left is a 3D image created from focal points in the top and bottom surfaces. 

ZDot 3D image with focal planes

Using ZDot technology, the multi-surface software feature can characterize up to 2 optically transparent layers on a substrate. Interfacial roughness measurements are quickly obtained using known refractive indices of materials.

Watch a 7 minute microfluidics application video demonstrating the technique.

Applications that are possible only with a Zeta optical profiler include true film color for solar substrates, characterization of patterned surfaces like LED processing, high aspect ratio structures and trenches, and buried layers in microfluidic devices.

Software options include reflectometry and interferometry optical modes. The software can also be customized for specific applications.

Optional accessories include a motorized turret, an edge inspection fixture, a piezoelectric Z axis, and a diamond scribe marker. A motorized XY stage is optional for the Zeta-20 and is standard for all other products. Many of these accessories provide automation features for the Zeta optical metrology tools. These 3D optical profilers are compatible with Olympus lenses and with digital cameras.

Optical Metrology Modes
Optical Metrology Modes

Optional modes for high Z resolution and thin film measurements

3D Automation and Options
3D Automation and Options

Automated inspection, image stitching, motorized stages or turrets, lighting options


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