Zeta-20 Benchtop Profiler

Zeta3D optical profiler with motorize XY stage

Zeta 3D optical profiler with motorized XY stage

The Zeta-20 is a 3D optical profiler that provides easy to use true color imaging, has fast data collection and includes the Why Zeta core technology:

  • Available with features and options 
  • Rapid, reliable data acquisition
  • Dependable results without constant recalibration
  • Automated data capture and analysis
  • Ideal for analyzing complex surfaces
  • Operator-friendly, easy to learn GUI

The Zeta-20 easily measures high roughness, low reflectance surfaces. Unique transmissive and dark field illumination schemes as well as a variety of objectives allows the Zeta profilers to handle the most difficult of surfaces.

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The Zeta-20 optical profiler has proven itself for industries requiring critical metrology measurements. Solar, LED, microfluidics, MEMS, CMP and semiconductor companies rely on the Zeta-20 every day for quality control and R&D. Ease of use and low cost of the Zeta-20 also provides unique capabilities for many other industries and academic settings.

Watch the video below to see the basics of how to use the Zeta-20 3D optical profiler.


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